ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग डिवीजन


“I want to sell products through IT and benefit the world.”

A company must be good for the world.

When thinking about what can be done by making full use of the power of IT

“Selling products”, which forms the basis of business, has arrived here.

We sell products of companies and bring convenience to people’s lives by having people buy them.

It’s such a simple and clear thing, but it is possible to directly arouse “consumption” that forms the basis of the world’s economy.

I came to the conclusion that I would like to specialize in “selling products on the Internet” because I thought it would be good for the world.

Initially I started from a site with one bed

Over 11 years, we have operated 50 stores and have grown to 400,000 products per store.

The shopping site that we operate

Shopping site management

We are opening stores in the following major shopping malls for Japan / overseas

We operate a shopping site. Overwhelming number of products in the industry’s top class (about 400,000 items)

We promise quality assurance at a reasonable price and deliver products to customers all over the world, mainly in Japan.

Owns own stores in Amazon, Yahoo, Rakuten Ichiba, Wowma, Yamada Mall, Yahoo Auction, au Shopping Mall Rakuten Global, Amazon USA (preparing to open), Rakuten Global Market, Pompare Mall, Alibaba, etc.

Form a platform to sell things online!



Overview and features of online shopping business


It is a mail-order site with a top-class number of customers, with more than 300,000 products. Eagle Eye Monthly PV over 2 millionイーグルアイ月間PV200万以上

Monthly PV exceeds 2 million, more than 30,000 customers subscribe to e-mail newsletter

The total number of accesses is 2109921.

Monthly PV

1. Since 2009, we have been operating online shopping and have a wealth of know-how.

2. The staff will respond politely to each customer

3. 3. Thorough management of personal information and luggage

4. Even if you do not receive the manufacturer’s warranty, we will respond quickly with Eagle Eye