Representative director introduction

Representative Director Koji Takahashi

Graduated from Tokyo University of Science Graduate School in 2005

Joined Japan BEA Systems in 2005

Joined Zenwaves STPL in 2007 Joined India Headquarters

2008 Appointed Director of ZenwavesSTPL

Established Eagle Eye Co., Ltd. in 2009. Appointed President and Representative Director

Message from the President
◆ Bringing the power of IT to your business

Since opening in 2009, we have continued to diversify our business by making full use of IT.

On the shopping site, we deliver the industry’s top class products (about 300,000 items) to customers all over the world at reasonable prices.

Since 2010, we have been expanding our business to overseas markets such as Malaysia and Indonesia, where great growth is expected in the future.

With the acquisition of the third-class travel agency in 2016, it has become possible to arrange various types of travel to Japan from overseas such as Malaysia and Indonesia. We provide accommodation and tour business for travelers in partnership with hotels and inns all over Japan.

At first glance, it may seem that you are doing a lot of different businesses, but it is because the background is consistently the maximum efficiency and service provision of your IT system.

We believe that all businesses have room to improve efficiency and add new value through IT, and we can provide sincere and excellent IT services and human resources to meet the expectations of our customers. I am working hard every day.

We strive to make our services the standard model for IT companies.

Eagle Eye CEO Koji Takahashi